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Quality Assurance


GSMA Checked


42 Point Check

You Will Get
all Brand New Accessories

Great Range of
Phones for Less

  Reglazed and refurbished screen

  100% genuine parts

  No burn or fatigue

  Fully refurbished chassis

  No scratches, dents or blemishes

  Boxed with brand new accessories

  42 point QA 100% checked 

  100% GSMA authenticity checked using GDN  

Free Delivery
1 Year Warranty

Unlocked to work with any network and any tariff.

We Check Every Part of the Device

Whilst others just polish the screen, clean the device and maybe load new firmware to call a device refurbished, for us, there is an art to renewing a device. Years in development, our UK manufacturing facility ensures that each and every reNEWED device is completely remanufactured to achieve a 100% new-look, screen and chassis, and is thoroughly tested for as-new functionality.

Check Our Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is a reNEWED Phone?

    A reNEWED device is as it sounds, completely re-NEW-ed, to be as ‘good as new’. We buy authenticated pre-owned devices and restore the condition of the device to as-new. Every reNEWED device has a new surface, that’s a new glass screen on the original LCD and a re-anodised chassis that removes every blemish for a 100% new look. Then we perform a 42point QA test so that it works just like a new one too..

  • Does my New device come with a warranty?

    Yes. Just like a new device your reNEWED device comes with a comprehensive warranty. You can register your warranty here and manage any repairs you need to. You can even extend your warranty to 2 years with our reNEWED+ care pack

  • Will my device be in perfect condition?

    Yes. All reNEWED devices must pass the 100% QA check to ensure performance and condition. It can only be considered a reNEWED device if it is in pristine condition in every way. We even include brand new accessories in an original Apple box.

  • Why should I choose a good-as-new device?

    We pride ourselves in the quality of our devices so that the only discernible difference between a brand-new device and our reNEWED device is the price – we even include 12 months warranty for 100% peace of mind. you can extend this to 2 years cover with our reNEWED+ care pack, which includes a free screen replacement if you drop it.

  • What reNEWED Phones are available?

    A wide range of iphones are available ,from the iphone 5 and above.

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