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renew your thinking

Buying a high value item from ‘Stu5465’ on an auction site is stressful. Do you trust the description? Has he dropped it down the loo? Will he actually post it the next day?

renewed removes all this stress, and at a price on par with average auction sold prices. We post same day across the UK, run each item through rigorous testing to make sure it works as it should, and give an incredible warranty.

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renew your mindset

Brand new phones devalue the second you buy them, often as much as 40% a year.

Buying a pristine year old model means you can have all the benefits of modern tech, with a significant cash saving! You can also trade in your old handset and offset the cost even more!

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renewed by renewed

renewed takes used devices, and then reManufactures them before resale. They might have been returned as an unwanted upgrade, a device the customer has returned as they upgrade. Some phones have simply been opened, looked at, and then given back as it wasn't what they expected.

Next in our state of the art warehouse we wipe any data, test the device is working correctly, grade how tidy the exterior is, thoroughly clean the item, and then re-package each device. You don't get that from a stranger on ebay! A brand spanking used device at an incredible price.

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Every item tested for your peace of mind.

Our industry leading device certification program means you can buy with confidence. We run over 70 diagnostic checks to guarantee yourpeace of mind when you buy. The main checks include:

  • Battery Health
  • Cameras
  • Buttons
  • Connectivity
  • Speakers
  • Touchscreen
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Saving the planet, one pre-loved device at a time.

Making the green choice is actually making the best choice - for the planet AND your wallet.

Help us fight e-waste, and the toxic chemicals they leech into landfils, by buying a previously loved and mechanically sound smart phone. Reduce your consumption, reduce your costs, save the planet!

Buy now and save the planet!