Intelligent sourcing.

We’ve been sourcing quality smart phones, tablets, computers and more for over a decade. In that time we’ve built up the best network in the industry to source quality pre-loved items.

Whether they’ve been traded in for an upgrade, or returned to the provider or insurance company, we’ve built relationships with clients to get the best products ready to reManufacture.

Often products come in simply because they’ve been returned within the 30 day terms, in as good as new condition.

Expert reconditioning, guaranteed safety.

Our state of the art technology allows us to forensically check over 70 aspects of a smart phone ensuring everything works as it should. From battery life, button functionality, bluetooth connectivity - everything is processed and logged.

We reference IEMI numbers with police databases to guarantee the device not been stolen, and we wipe any data from the device so it’s back to the clean factory settings.

Functionally each device will be as good as new, the level of exterior wear will be graded and you can select your preference.

Devices that last, warranties that last longer.

When you buy reManufactured you have a peace of mind you simply elsewhere.

We’ve invested so much to make sure every decvice is functionally perfect, we can back up our technicall skills with industry beating warranties.

reManufactured means the highest level of item quality, the lowest level of defect issues, and an eco friendly way to purchase devices.

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Every device we sell has been tested and brought up to our impeccable standards. Sleep easy knowing the internals are perfect, and pick your own external quality to suit your budget. We have 5 levels of external quality, broken down as below


Body: As new, no scratches.

Screen: As new, no scratches.

24 months warranty.

Very Good

Body: May have some micro-scratches, invisible from more than 20 cm.

Screen: As new.

12 months warranty.


Body: May have some micro-scratches, invisible at 20 cm.

Screen: As new, no scratches.

12 months warranty.


Body: Fairly light but visible scratch.

Screen: May have micro-scratches invisible when turned on.

12 months warranty.


Body: Scratches and /or small chips or dents.

Screen: May have micro scratches, invisible when turned on.

12 months warranty.